Social media management and maintenance is one of the staple services here at Huebris. It represents the fastest growing demand from our clients, and we offer the highest quality service of any competitor. In fact, over 3 million fans/followers view our updates every month! We are highly educated in the realm of social media, and we put our knowledge of industry trends and successful tricks to work. At Huebris, we believe in empowering our clients, and we freely post the tips and tricks we use to connect clients with their fans in our own Social Media Blog. Believe it or not, social media management is real work; there is more to it than scheduling updates and posts to Facebook or Twitter.

For example, did you know that most companies don’t publish updates over the weekend, and that if you tag their page in a post, you can sit near the top of their wall all weekend long? How about that posts with a “fill in the blank” style message get about 90% more feedback than regular messages? Did you know posts with photos get 120% higher feedback? Oh, and custom Facebook fan pages now require a SSL (Secure Socket License) to be displayed properly. We study the science of timing, and adjust our social media management program to fit your audience. We don’t simply publish posts, in fact we’ll help write the content for you! And that’s just breaking the surface of our social media management service. Check out some of what goes into a Social Media Facebook Management plan:

Facebook Management




Publish Updates 30 45 60
Photo Editing 20 40 60
Video Optimization 5 10 15
Fan Moderation
Engage with Fans
Manage Page Likes
Growth Consultation  
Monthly Reporting  
Audit Page Trends    
Rewrite Posts for Twitter    
Monthly Price (per 10,000 fans/followers) $149 mo. $199 mo. $229 mo.

We manage much more than Facebook too. If you have a Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or other social media account, Huebris has the talent, time and technology to help you maximize their potential! If you read the table above and everything sounds like gibberish, we’d be glad to walk you through each option. You can rest assured that our social media program is unlike any other you’ll find in the industry.

Offering a REAL Solution

Most companies simply offer dashboards that link social media websites together and give their clients a hub from which to work. They layer on perks to try to compete with each other, such as advanced analytics, etc. Why pay a monthly fee for a fancy hub that you then have to train an employee to use? You then have to make sure they are posting updates properly and regularly. You then have to pay for that employee to go to seminars to learn all the best social media practices (and how the dashboard service he/she is using is limited and should be avoided). Let Huebris be your expert on social media. We research the topic daily and attend the conferences for you. Heck, we teach them!

“We are glad we chose Huebris to launch our social networking campaigns. We found the team at Huebris to be incredibly courteous and professional. Their expertise brought life to several successful Facebook promotions we implemented in 2011. We are ever grateful for the early insight and understanding they provided us as we worked to introduce our brand to the social networking world.”

—Kelsey Halford, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Diamonds Direct USA

Of course, before we ever pre-schedule the first update on whatever social media network you use, we always recommend starting with our Social Media Branding service. This will make sure that we’ve initially set up your page to properly reflect your company or product brand. We’re price competitive in this service too, and can even build a custom Facebook micro-site that would be the first thing non-fans of your page would see upon visiting your fan page. Oh, and we’re also pros at building and moderating Facebook contests and promotions to help build your fan base.

We hope that you have questions, and we want to answer them. Fire away!

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