Our Past

Huebris was founded in November 2008 by Joshua Gilmer in Birmingham, Alabama. He was two months out of college with a bachelor’s of science in computer animation from Full Sail University (known as the “Harvard” of media arts schools) when he founded the company. Huebris had all the humble beginnings of a Silicon Valley start-up. It was founded in the proverbial “basement” of a small house. Empty ramen noodle cups rested on the corners of desks and shelves. The company consisted of a single laptop. The beginning of Huebris’ story is about the same as HP’s or Apple’s: A young team with a vision to build something for which they were truly passionate. As our company is less than five-years old, you may say we are still in our infancy, but a lot can happen in five years in our industry—indeed, a lot has! When we started, our services were few. We thought Flash was the best technology for creating feature-rich websites, HTML5 and CSS3 were mere theories and the iPad hadn’t even been invented.

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Our Present

Today we still offer web design and development, but have grown to include many more services. We’ve also grown our portfolio to include a roster of fantastic clients including National Oilwell Varco, The Dannon Project, Diamonds Direct, On Tap Sports Café and countless more. Huebris has also forged strategic partnerships with key players in the Birmingham area. Design firms like Darden|Tatum, Kinetic Communication and Buxdat Designs have teamed up with Huebris to achieve success for their clients on projects that are outside their wheelhouse or time constraints.

Our websites may or may not use Flash anymore. They may be built with a WordPress backbone for a CMS (Content Managment System). They may use powerful javascript libraries like jQuery to increase interactivity. Almost all websites have a social layer now. We have fully embraced social media as a culture, with over 1 billion people on Facebook alone. Huebris has evolved its services to reach these potential fans and followers on their social media turf. We’ve generated over 30,000 “likes” on Facebook for Birmingham, AL businesses alone, and our client’s posts are viewed hundreds of thousands of times a month through our scalable social media management service.

We host social media contests and promotions. We manage analytic reports and refine pay-per-click ad campaigns. We design logos, websites, and brochures. We consult with clients on how to manage their brand through several online “cloud” computing solutions. We setup custom email newsletter templates on services including Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. We design, we code, we brainstorm, we consult, we manage and maintain, and we do all this on a level befitting of household name brands.

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Our Future

The marketing opportunities for mobile devices have yet to be fully realized. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Huebris plans to see mobile marketing through to its full potential. We expect to design and develop many smartphone apps and games in the near future. Wherever we go, we’ll be successful because we’ll be armed with the lessons we learned getting us this far. Huebris has enjoyed both successes and failures, and we take this knowledge forward as we grow. We’ll never be a company of process docs, procedures and checklists, but rather one of creativity, mobility and ground-breaking innovation. After all…

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.”
— George Bernard Shaw