Have you heard of this buzz word going around, Cloud Computing? It’s just a way of saying something is being done off-site on a server. This could be file storage, or even an offsite software solution. The reasons for doing things in the “cloud” are plentiful. It lowers IT costs, adds another layer of backup redundancy, increases mobility, etc. At Huebris, we believe that one day large hard drives on personal computers will be obsolete. Our data will be entrusted to the cloud pool. This is scary on the one hand, but some of the benefits easily dissolve the risks attached to such a move. You may be a disbeliever, but just answer this question. Do you use Yahoo Mail or Gmail? If so, you are already use to storing your private data on an off-site server.

So what is our service, Cloud Branding®? Quite simply put, it is our way of carrying your brand, its messages and motifs through to all the online services you, your employees, your clients and your customers use. Services like:

These services are just the tip of the iceberg, and more are forming every day! Huebris offers very flexible services that are tailored to our client’s needs. We can brand just one online service for you, or package several together. For instance, we can offer a client our Cloud Branding® Social Media package which includes services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Or maybe you need our Productivity package which includes Dropbox, Yammer and Basecamp.

Huebris also has another service that is almost the same as our Cloud Branding® one, it’s called Cloud Scouting® and it is a preemptive strike service. Some companies need to jump into the scene before their competitors do. Services like Twitter allow account names to be taken on a first-come first-serve basis. Which means, if you had the foresight to see what Twitter would become, you could have taken @Pepsi for your own and made a fortune. Don’t be upset, we wish we had thought of it too! But Cloud Scouting® is the safeguard to those kinds of early adopters who capitalize on getting there first. You never know when your brand may want to use a new service. Huebris can blanket all existing services, let you know which ones are already taken, help you negotiate taking them back when needed, and continue nabbing up new online services under the umbrella of your company, product and brand. It’s smart, and a necessity for any business that expects to have a future in our evolving online world.

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