• Logo design for gourmet food small business, Shugie's.
  • Label Graphic Design for Shugie's Pimento Cheese
  • Food Packaging Label Design for Shugie's Gourmet Spicy White Cheese.
  • Logo design on label for Shugies Gourmet Pimento Cheese by Huebris.
  • Logo Design in Birmingham, AL by Huebris for Shugies, with alternate color scheme.

The creation of any logo always comes with its own set of unique issues. Should you veer towards strict logotype, or toy with the notion of a symbol? The outcome of this project was meant to evoke a playful elegance, and employ

the use of colors commonly found in the supermarket. The colors in the words “Pimento Cheese” are of course the colors that make up the product. The rest was tweaked until the product looked like it belonged on the shelf

next to its competitors. It’s vector, fun, playful, vibrant and eye-catching—just like the name implies! Huebris was also used to come up with the tagline,

“Share food. Share life. Share Shugies.”

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