From the first phone call to the last deliverable, Huebris made this project happen in under seven weeks. In addition, we completed the project without brick and mortar and with a client whose point of contact for us was in and out of the country throughout production. Seven weeks including render time and post production was all the time we needed to create a video that stopped people in their

tracks as they viewed it on large displays at a trade show in Germany.

Computer animation is about as complex as the machine we were tasked with marketing. In the end, no artist ever feels like the job is finished, but we were able to get this across the finish line in a way that could accomplish our client’s goals. Huebris enjoys 3D work, and we’re not your

typical “spinning logo” kind of animation house. We are an interactive studio with a crew capable of architectural visualization, product visualization, 2D Flash and 3D computer animation. We may be one of the few interactive studios in the State of Alabama who offer services in this arena, and we feel our location and training gives us a strong leg up on both regional and national competition.