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This website was created right before Steve Jobs decided Adobe Flash was something his Apple line of products no longer needed. Today everything is about HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery—all technologies of which Huebris staff members are well acquainted—but we are absolute masters at Flash and Actionscript programming too. As it happens, clients are becoming

more and more aware that their audience is looking through new screens from mobile devices like the iPhone and Android, to tablets like the iPad and Samsung Galaxy. Of course, we think that each device deserves it’s own custom creation, maybe not it’s own “app,” but at least a separate viewing experience. This isn’t feasible for all clients, but we can at least

design a catch-all site that degrades nicely among the different devices and plays nice independent of various product limitations. While we love Flash, it seems to have been sequestered to playing back YouTube videos, displaying Google Analytics and running Zynga games like Farmville. Oh, and we love to create Flash games for client’s too!

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