• Logo Design for Birmingham, AL company, HighPoint Holdings by Huebris.
  • Business card graphic design for HighPoint Holdings by Birmingham, Alabama-based Huebris.
  • Logo Design by Huebris in Birmingham, AL for HighPoint Holdings.

In the early years of earning an art degree, students learn about the Gestalt Principles of Perception. They learn about line, shape, space and color. With this rendering of HighPoint Holdings logo, Huebris truly went back to the basics. As human beings, we are comforted by certain things, but these things are often so abstract the perceived aesthetic appeal is an unconscious choice. Things like the

Fibonnaci sequence and the Golden Ratio are captivating because we see these things in nature everywhere. A downwards facing triangle is often associated with pressure coming down on you, but an upwards facing triangle puts people at ease. HPH is all about the highest point. This new logo design uses the positive emotional response of the upwards facing triangle to reflect being on top. The negative space in the

middle creates the image of either a cross-back trail up a mountain or a building built on the principles of modern architecture—which works great with HighPoint as their portfolio includes mostly multifamily housing. We like the simplicity and play off negative space inherit to this logo. What do you think?